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Migraine: How Severe It Can Be

Migraine is not a normal headache and usually occurs on one side of the head.It requires special treatments and cure. It’s a severe condition that makes the body incapable of doing any task. Migraine causes may be various and can be known very well with the help of migraine facts.

• Excessive pain in head,dizziness,nausea,diarrhea and blurred vision are common migraine symptoms.

• Many factors may be responsible for this and stress full lifestyle is also among them.

• People are so much busy in accomplishing their goals that they don’t have enough time for themselves. Lack of body rest is a main reason for this condition.

• This disorder is no longer restricted to certain age group.This disorder is related to central nervous system. Irregular sleeping patterns, hormonal fluctuations, too much smoking, and bad food habits are also responsible for this.

• It’s a chronic neurological disorder and can be characterized by moderate to severe headaches.

• This disorder is more common in woman than in men. Usually analgesics are primary treatment of the disorder. The cause behind this ailment is still unknown.

• Some hereditary causes are also responsible for this. It’s often seen that this disorder sometimes disappears during pregnancy. But in some cases it may become more frequent.

• Migraine can be classified into various types such as migraine without aura, migraine with aura, childhood periodic syndromes, retinal migraine, complications of migraine, probable migraine, chronic migraine etc.

• Migraine typically present with recurrent severe headache which is associated with autonomic symptoms. An aura affects only to a small percentage of people.

• Pain severity, headache duration, and frequency of the attacks may vary. The migraine which lasts for 72 hours is known as status migrainosus. This condition can be treated with intravenous prochlorperazine.

Migraine attack may have four possible cases but it is not necessary that a person experience all the phases.

• Prodrome, it occurs hours a day before the headache

• Aura, immediately precedes the headache

• Headache phase, pain occurs

• Postdrome

Migraine causes are unknown but some biological factors are considered responsible for this like, depolarization, vascular, neural, serotonin etc.

• Preventive measures are of migraine can prove to be an important component of migraine management. Its treatment can take many forms that include preventive drugs, migraine surgery, nutritional supplements, lifestyle alterations, increased exercise etc.

• Preventive therapy reduces the frequency and painful duration of this disorder.

• Overuse of medication should be reduced in this disorder although analgesics are proved very helpful and effective.

Migraine is a severe condition that requires proper care and attention. Migraine causes can be understood with the help of migraine facts. These facts are very effective and beneficial in spreading awareness among people.

For more information related to migraine please visit : migraine, migraine causes, migraine facts and medical animation
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